JAG Personlig Assistans – Customer Testimonial


With a new BI infrastructure that collects and makes available the organisation’s data, JAG Personal Assistance has become more efficient and qualitative in its work.

JAG is one of Sweden’s largest private assistance providers for people with intellectual disabilities. As an employer of nearly 4,000 personal assistants around the country and approx. 50 employees at the head office in Stockholm, JAG is an admin-heavy business.

“The best thing about Random Forest is that they have functioned as an extension of our organization. It has become natural that they are part of us”

– Tim Nilimaa-Svärd, CIO, JAG Personlig Assistans

“The most enjoyable part of the project has been to see it being built from the ground up and be a part of the whole journey, from reading to reports and end users.

But also being able to see how much you help with efficiency and the insights you create for the business”

– Jacob Björkman, Business Intelligence Consultant, Random Forest


The challenge for JAG was that they had many different systems that generated a lot of data. They had to spend a lot of time manually collecting and compiling data for useful reports and analyses.

Over the years, it had created countless excel sheets with important information that deserved a better fate. They wanted to find a suitable BI infrastructure that could easily give them relevant information to the right people in the organization.


With Random Forest’s help, an analysis solution was developed consisting of a data platform where data is read into Azure Data Lake, to an Azure SQL server, and to an analysis cube built in Power BI.

Everything is collected and available in one and the same place.

Business Effects

The business benefit for JAG has been that they have automated flows that were previously manual, they have a good overview, always correct and up-to-date figures, and that they can now spend their time working more qualitatively.

The time of time-consuming copy-pasting in Excel is over and the risk of human error is minimised.

Today, they have all information automatically updated directly in Power BI, the only system they need.

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