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Random Forest helps companies generate growth by collecting, analyzing and visualizing data. By leveraging the power of Business Intelligence, Data Management and Advanced Analytics, we can provide our clients with tools that improve operational efficiency and increase business value.



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Good data quality is the foundation of intelligent decision support. Today, data is found in many different places and often in large quantities, therefore it’s important to collect, manage and quality-assure all data in one and the same place.

We can assist you with this, so you get full control of your internal and external business data. We also make sure that you get the technology that suits your business best – whether it’s a cloud-based platform or a hybrid solution.


Business Intelligence is an umbrella term for various types of processes and tools that help transform data into information so that individuals, companies and organizations can make informed decisions. Simply put, it’s about gaining business-critical insights by managing, understanding and presenting data in a meaningful way.

In order to maximize the value of a BI investment, we think that BI should permeate the entire business – with as much automation as possible – and be used for both operational and strategic decisions.

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Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics involves using statistical methods, machine learning and advanced algorithms to find patterns in data that are hard to discover otherwise. These can be used to predict customer behavior, find candidates for upselling, web personalization, forecasting and much more.

At Random Forest, we specialize in Advanced Analytics, and we have extensive experience in helping companies get the most out of their data – both on-prem and in the cloud.