Microsoft Data Platform


Most companies are already using Microsofts products to some extent, everything from using Windows or Active Directory to using machine learing services in Azure. Microsoft have made heavy investments in the cloud the past years, but are still investing heavily in their hybrid and on-premise solutions trying to create a secure and seamless experience.

The pieces that make up the Microsoft data platform are a bunch of products and services such as Azure Synapse, Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL, Cosmos DB, Microsoft Purview, SQL Server 2022, SSIS, SSAS and much more.

But it is also the infrastructure and platform together with the familiar Office suite most companies use that helps connect all the pieces together in a secure and easy way.

Random Forest have a long relationship with Microsoft, working closely with both sales and specialists in order to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

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With the base in SQL Server, Microsoft offers a complete suite of products for data management using the SQL Server database togetter with Integration Services, Analysis Services, Reporting Services and Power BI without data leaving your on-premise environment. SQL Server is also highly enabled to work with and extend securely into the Azure cloud.
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One of the big benefits of using the Microsoft echo system is the possibililty to use the greatness of the cloud for some parts even if you for different reasons need to have other parts on-premise. SQL Server connects and work seamless with the cloud in a secure manner giving you full control of where data is stored and processed.

Azure Cloud

Microsoft has made huge investment in their cloud platform the past years. Being able ta handle both big and streaming data together with the latest analytics tools as well as integrating data analytics into business applications across an organization in an easy and secure way has proven to be great business opportunity.


The Microsoft Data Estate

A good foundation with a well architected data platform is the foundation for a sucessful digitalization journey. We want to help our customers get an competetive edge by turning both internal and external data to maximum business value in all processes. Data should not only by used for analytical queries and reporting to the top management, but also be a part and help optimize business processes across the organization. Having a solid foundation in Microsoft enables you to not only to make strategic and operational insights but also turning them into automated actions. Microsoft provides a secure infrastructure, ready-made services, the ability to build custom applications as well as the glue to get everything to work together.

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