Data Management

Good data quality is the foundation of intelligent decision support. Today, data is found in many different places and often in large quantities, therefore it’s important to collect, manage and quality-assure all data in one and the same place. We can assist you with this, so you get full control of your internal and external business data.

We also make sure that you get the technology that currently suits your business best, and which you can build upon in the future.

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Why you need a
data platform

Data management is about creating a data platform that allows you to manage information efficiently and ensure good data quality. With a stable data platform, data and information are collected, updated and available in one place for several people in the organization. When information is collected, you can avoid misunderstandings since everyone gets access to the same unambiguous data – and at the same time reduce the risks of rule violations and security breaches.

All types of data – structured, semi-structured and unstructured – need to be collected and managed in a data platform. How you choose to do this varies depending on your needs, but it usually involves using a Data Warehouse or a Data Lake.

Benefits of a cloud-based
data platform

Moving from a traditional server structure to a PaaS-based solution (Platform as a Service) is crucial to being able to utilize many of the new BI services available today. Since the infrastructure is outsourced, the need for platform installment and maintenance is greatly reduced – a major benefit.

Use of PaaS is billed by the hour, which means that you only pay for what you want, and then you can scale up as needed. The licensing is also included which minimizes the total cost of the platform. Another benefit is that you always ensure that you have the latest version.

What we can do for you

Data Management includes both organizational and technical aspects. There needs to be an organization around the company’s data management that clarifies who owns different definitions, such as who should be considered as customer or employee, how to assess the company’s margin, etc. Here we can help you develop a strategy.

The technical aspect largely concerns where the platform should be located – in the cloud or in a hybrid solution – as well as which components should be included. Whatever you choose, we help you build a secure data platform that is easy to develop and economical to manage. At Random Forest, we use leading cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure.


BI Roadmap

By establishing a clear work plan, you get maximum value out of your investment in Business Intelligence. At the same time, you anchor what, when, how and in what order the trip should take place with both operations and IT.

BI Cloud

BI Cloud is a pilot package that enables your company to quickly get started with Business Intelligence in the cloud. You can do a small project on a selected part of your business – at a fixed price – then decide whether to go ahead on your own or with us.