Career with Random Forest


Random Forest was founded in 2012 with the goal of creating a good workplace where you can develop and work with new and innovative technology. We want to refine our employees’ skills and get them to take the next step in their development, regardless of whether you are fresh out of school or have been working for many years. For example, going from developer to architect or becoming an expert in advanced analysis.

Largely thanks to the development opportunities, we have a very low staff turnover of less than 10 percent, compared to the average in the industry of about 20 percent.

Trainee program for junior consultants

Junior consultants can go through our Aspire trainee program, which includes three levels. Aspire takes approximately 24 months for those who complete all three levels and there is a compensation ladder associated with each level. The program is primarily based on learning in real assignments but also on self-studies. Each trainee receives an individual development plan and is assigned a mentor who provides support throughout the program. The junior consultant always collaborates with a senior consultant in assignments. The senior consultant can be the mentor or another senior consultant.

Master Thesis

We mainly offer master students the opportunity to do their master thesis with us, with the goal that those also will be offered a place in our trainee program.

Development opportunities for senior consultants

It is not only juniors who are offered a growth journey with us, but also senior consultants. We have a culture of knowledge and how we share information, grow in terms of competence and take the next steps. We have also built up a structural capital, The Random Forest Way, to deliver the highest possible quality to our customers and at the same time provide stimulating development opportunities for both our junior and senior consultants. As a senior consultant, we ensure that you are well compensated if you choose to lead a junior consultant in an assignment.

The Random Forest Way

The Random Forest Way is our framework of methods and processes for our missions where we reuse lessons learned and constantly bring in new knowledge. The aim is to be able to offer the highest possible quality and an equivalent delivery in all assignments, regardless of which consultants are doing the work in the assignments. The frameworks consist of both purely technical aspects, for example how we should do to develop faster and easier to manage systems, and organizational aspects such as project plans and organizational strategies.

Sharing Competence and Knowledge

We work a lot with sharing competence and knowledge internally. We have a platform for sharing and disseminating knowledge, so that even those who are out on their own on a customer assignment have close access to the expertise of their colleagues and do not have to solve all the challenges themselves. This means that we are always bigger than each individual consultant. We regularly organize competency evenings internally where our consultants or external speakers talk about their lessons learned and experiences from customer assignments for colleagues or something new on the market.

Our innovation process

Like most companies, we have processes for recruitment, sales and others, but we also have a special process for innovation. Our innovation process aims to make use of all the insights and lessons learned in the assignments so that we can be at the forefront and develop new services and business opportunities. Our subsidiary Red Pine, for example, sprung from our innovation process.

Twice a year we have something we call “Andrum” (eng. Breathing Space), a full day when we work internally, individually or in groups, to develop ideas that have potential and are good for the company. It can be anything from a completely new idea to a new script or something that makes it easier to deliver in the next assignment.

During our innovation evenings, our employees can work freely with an idea they have thought of, for example building an app or testing how a certain sensor works. The innovation evenings function as a pure lab, with no requirements for a specific result other than sharing the knowledge.

We also have an innovation process to develop an idea to concept and launch. We are open to ideas being developed into subsidiaries and that you as an employee can become CEO of future subsidiaries.


Are you the one we are looking for?

  • Strong self-motivation, analytical and passionate about solving challenges.
  • Interested in understanding and solving business challenges using technology.
  • Want to develop together with the best in the industry.
  • Academic degree.
  • Proficient in SQL and other tools for processing large data sets.

Is Random Forest for you?

We primarily recruit people with a higher education, such as a masters degree or similar. To thrive with us, you should be analytical but also curious about creating business value for the customer. In addition, you need to have a strong interest in developing systems, regardless of whether you are a recent graduate or a senior consultant.

Our core values ​​are competence, commitment, proactivity, transparency, playfulness and entrepreneurship.

If you are interested in applying for a job with us or want to do your master thesis, you are most welcome to get in touch!

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