Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence is an umbrella term for various types of processes and tools that help transform data into information so that individuals, companies and organizations can make informed decisions. Simply put, it’s about gaining business-critical insights by managing, understanding and presenting data in a meaningful way.


Let BI permeate the
entire business

Traditionally, Business Intelligence has been used for planning, budgeting and to follow up on operational goals. But in order to maximize the value of a BI investment, we think that the decision support should permeate the entire business – with as much automation as possible – and be used for both operational and strategic decisions.

It’s also important that the decision support is updated as your business develops. This allows you to act quickly on changes and ensures that your data is transformed into valuable insights for everyone in your organization.

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New opportunities
in the cloud

Many companies choose to have their BI solution in the cloud, which provides a number of advantages. You don’t have to take care of hardware, licenses or upgrades and since resources are shared with other companies, costs can also be reduced. Additionally, the cloud offers both secure storage and access to company information regardless of whether you work remotely or from the office.

The cloud also provides new opportunities for processing large amounts of data and thus makes your decision support both faster and more efficient. At Random Forest, we use leading cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure.

What we can do for you

We can help you start utilizing data as decision support to generate the greatest possible value for your business. Think big – start small is our guiding principle. We create a solution where you get direct business benefits from your decision support, and with a scalable and flexible infrastructure, you can gradually expand your solution to cover all parts of your business.

Regardless of whether you choose to have everything in the cloud or prefer a hybrid solution, we can ensure you a customized solution that’s just right for your needs.


BI Roadmap

By establishing a clear work plan, you get maximum value out of your investment in Business Intelligence. At the same time, you anchor what, when, how and in what order the trip should take place with both operations and IT.

BI Cloud

BI Cloud is a pilot package that enables your company to quickly get started with Business Intelligence in the cloud. You can do a small project on a selected part of your business – at a fixed price – then decide whether to go ahead on your own or with us.

Download our strategy guide for an investment in Business Intelligence