Thomas Concrete Group – Digitalization journey

Tomas-bgThomas Concrete Group produces and distributes high quality ready-mixed concrete to commercial and private customers. It operates a total of 152 plants in USA, Sweden, Germany and Poland.

The company has an IT-strategy to become more cloud-enabled with both operational- and decision support systems. This will accelerate digitalization and increase availability of valuable information both internally and externally (customers) for the organization to become more data driven and make informed decisions as a part of day-to-day business.

Random Forest together with Thomas Concrete Group has developed a data platform based on Azure technology and a modern visualization platform. Random Forest framework enable efficient, streamlined and accelerated development as well as safeguarded code quality. With the framework in place, it will be easy to add new subject areas and harmonize future data flows.

With the data platform in place, Thomas Concrete Group will become more data driven, develop new digitalization services, have a single source of truth and become more self-service oriented to explore insights and new business opportunities.


The main challenges before was business had a problem getting information and trusting the information, the technical platform was heavily consultant dependent and no support for Self Service exploring information and getting insights to develop the business and customer experiences. Another issue was lack of harmonized data model for analytics and integration to other systems within the organization.


Thomas Concrete Group was in need of a modern data platform where information can flow through the entire operation and enabling everyone across the organization to be a little bit better every day. Taking an agile approach and delivering piece by piece in the puzzle is a key to success. Solution is based on Random Forest Framework, build on modern data platforms based on Azure technology.


  • Complex report-environment, KPIs shows various results.
  • Development of reports/analysis takes long time.
  • Data Quality challenges, KPIs showed different information in various reports.


  • Random Forest investigated current mode of operations and developed a BI Roadmap for future mode.
  • Random Forest developed a conformed data platform that all BI reports accessed. The data is trusted & reliable and “one version” of the truth.
  • Establishing new visualization platform.


  • Strategic roadmap and establishment of architectural guidelines.
  • Lower costs for data-platform.
    Increased scalability when deploying in new markets.
  • Lower consultant dependency.
  • Increased control and awareness aligned with data quality.
  • Enable group reporting and consolidation.
  • Enabling Self Service.

The outcome for Thomas Concrete Group

Lower maintenance cost
Increased flexibility & scalability
Enable data-driven approach

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