Stadium – Platform for Advanced Analytics


With a more data-driven and automated data platform, Stadium can today give its customers even better service and offer more smart services. With, among other things, advanced analysis and AI technology, Stadium has taken the step towards a more automated customer journey and a stronger digital presence.

Stadium has 3 million members in its customer base and is active mainly in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. With the new platform, Stadium wants to take advantage of the large customer base to extract insights and knowledge –and become even more effective in its communications.

”Random Forest are super good at data engineering but also data science in general. So for me, being able to get that support and expertise from them has been key to being able to pull this off.

Now Random Forest is building our entire future for data infrastructure.”

- Omid Sedighi, Head of Data and Analytics, Stadium

“The most fun part of this project has been being able to take Omid’s ideas and turn them into business value.”

- Gösta Boström, Business Intelligence Consultant, Random Forest


Although Stadium is a digital company, they have had most of their sales in physical stores. Something that needed to change. In order to move towards a more data-driven and online-based business, Stadium needed to create a future-proof data infrastructure. That’s where Random Forest came into play.


Random Forest has helped Stadium develop an architecture for how the company will work with Big Data and advanced analysis.

The solution is based on Microsoft Azure where Random Forest has created a Data lake for infinite storage of data.

The advanced analysis is done via the Databricks component, in which the AI ​​models are also developed. Everything from how data is stored and processed to more advanced analysis and more predictive models with machine learning and AI, is possible in the new cloud-based data platform.

Business Effects

With automated flows and a more data- and insight-driven process, Stadium can today work smarter, more efficiently and more customer-focused.

By taking advantage of the large customer base and analyzing purchasing behaviour, you can make smart and efficient moves and meet the customer with the right offer at the right time.

The new platform is completely cloud-based and gives Stadium the opportunity to continue to develop and scale up or down operations based on their needs.

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