BI Roadmap


With our Roadmap BI package, you get the greatest possible business benefit from your investment in Business Intelligence in the cloud.

By establishing a clear work plan, you get maximum value out of your investment in Business Intelligence. At the same time, you anchor what, when, how and in what order the trip should take place with both operations and IT.

With our complete Roadmap BI package, we help you carry out a feasibility study and prepare a work plan for the next two years. At a fixed price. The work plan will give you a reliable basis for how you and your company will move forward step by step in the coming years.

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Optimize the return on your investment in Business Intelligence

Moving your IT environment into the cloud is a good way to reduce infrastructure costs, but above all, you open up new business opportunities when you can start working with your data in the cloud. By developing a BI Roadmap, business opportunities can be exploited while avoiding all the pitfalls along the way. In addition, you will get a plan for how you can create a really good data platform step by step, which you can build on.

Business advantage and technology

The work starts with a workshop, where representatives from both your business operations and IT department help to create a work plan – a BI Roadmap – that takes both the business cases you have and your IT environment into account. Maybe you already have certain parts in the cloud and want to figure out how to move forward in the best way? In your BI Roadmap, you decide in which information areas you want to use Business Intelligence (e.g. finance, HR, CRM and more) and in what order they should be moved up to the cloud.

The BI roadmap shows you the way

With a well-defined two-year plan, you know what business benefits you will get from each step of the journey. At the same time, you have the organization with you and create a solution that fits the architecture of your existing IT environment. With BO Roadmap, you build a bridge between business operations and IT and get the most out of future investments in Business Intelligence in the cloud. We primarily work with Microsoft Azure as cloud platform.

Benefits of the BI Roadmap

  • Get a clear picture of how you can increase business value with BI in the cloud
  • Prioritize your investments correctly within Business Intelligence
  • Plan a data platform that is secure, inexpensive and easy to manage
  • Make a work plan for the next two years
  • Avoid the usual pitfalls
  • The BI Roadmap is delivered at a fixed price

Get started in two weeks

Start by selecting a few areas where you want to test Business Intelligence in the cloud. Once you've provided us with the information and permissions we need, it will take us two weeks to construct the pilot project. Then you're good to go.

If you want, we can help you develop a plan first, a Power BI Roadmap, to take the step up into the cloud with Business Intelligence.


We know business intelligence

At Random Forest, we have been building PaaS solutions in Microsoft Azure for several years. Among other achievements, we were the first in Sweden to create a complete Business Intelligence solution in the cloud. Based on this experience, we have been able to establish best practices for building solutions in Microsoft Azure.


  1. It is someone internally who runs the Business Intelligence project and who sees the business advantage of using data as a basis for decision-making.
  2. There is a roadmap that sets out the work plan for the next two years to make the move to the cloud. If you want, you can get help from us with a Power BI Roadmap for a fixed price.
  3. Watch out for scope creep. Don’t underestimate the complexity when building your system.
  4. The tools that are individually the best are not always the overall best solution. Make sure you get the total solution that works as best as possible.
  5. Don’t mix old thinking with new technology. Best practices that existed for on-premises cannot always be transferred directly to the cloud. If you want, we can help you develop a plan, a BI Roadmap, to get to the cloud.

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