Alteryx analysis tool

Data science and ai without coding requirements, results within minutes


Get the flexibility, speed and transparency you need in your analytics environment with the Alteryx APA platform. See how every step is faster and easier with Analytic Process Automation so you can focus on turning data into insights.

81% of data analysts are not satisfied with the speed of their analytics process – Alteryx completely eliminates that issue with super-fast, easy-to-use Business Intelligence. Management can make data-driven decisions faster, analysts can make better use of their time and end-users benefit from having all the data at their fingertips.

Har du frågor och vill bli kontaktad av oss på Random Forest?

Analytical process automation that prioritises business outcomes

The Alteryx APA platform transforms business outcomes by quickly automating analytics and data-driven business processes that would otherwise require a multitude of tools and manual processing. Results, early gains and ROI that can be scaled up to your entire organisation.

From data to insights and decisions – in minutes

Analytics that automate and optimise business outcomes


Unified Platform

A uniform platform for analytics, data science, process automation, autoML and AI.

Easy-to-navigate interface

Hundreds of ready-to-use automation modules that accelerate business results and make it easy to train.

Large community

One of the largest and most open exchanges for learning and sharing business results.

Large userbase

Proven business results from more than 6,000 customers, including 36% of Global 2000.

Microsoft Starter Kit

Starter kit with templates to start your integration with Microsoft Azure and the Power BI suite. Such as for unclear matching, acquisition of new customers and streamlining supply chains. Automate publishing to Microsoft Power BI.

Alteryx simplifies the preparatory work for faster and better analyses

Consolidate your data sources into a single platform

With Alteryx, you can connect to your most important data sources, in any format, to get insights faster. Alteryx APA™ makes data visible so you can get on with the work you love – analysing data and answering questions.

See every step with visual workflows

Finding an error or explaining the results of a complex data process can be challenging with spreadsheets. Alteryx makes it easy with a visual interface and repeatable workflows.

More time for analysis

Explore, prepare and mix all data sets with analytical components via the user-friendly interface. Free up your time for more important things like recognising patterns and answering questions in real time with embedded data profiling.

Data to decision – in minutes

Alteryx Designer gives you a powerful analytics tool with a simple drag-and-drop interface. Try Analytics and see the results in record time.

Download and start a one-month trial. Includes:

  • Live demo with Alteryx experts.
  • Self-learning “getting started” videos.
  • Alteryx Community to learn from more than 150,000 users and thousands of solutions.