Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics involves using statistical methods, machine learning and advanced algorithms to find patterns in data that are hard to discover otherwise. These can be used to predict customer behavior, find candidates for upselling, web personalization, forecasting and much more. At Random Forest, we specialize in Advanced Analytics, and we have extensive experience in helping companies get the most out of their data – both on-prem and in the cloud.


Get ahead

Advanced Analytics makes it possible to identify patterns that can be used to answer critical questions about your business. What will the market look like next year? What will customers buy? Who will leave their job? Data from various systems such as production, finance, sales and personnel can be analyzed to generate new business-critical insights about the future. You thus get the chance to be one step ahead and can already start planning and investing for upcoming challenges and opportunities.

A prerequisite for Advanced Analytics is that you have a lot of good quality data. You also need a data platform that can manage and store different types of data.


Popular applications for
Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics can be used for a number of different areas.
Examples of popular applications are:


With Advanced Analytics, you can quickly get a good trend line on your most important KPI:s.

Churn analysis

With machine learning, you can better understand your customers churn/loyalty and how to act on it.

Web personalization

With AI-technology, you can personalize the communication to your web visitors.

Image recognition

With image analysis, you can do face recognition and other similar image analyses.

Text analysis

With text analysis, you can leverage Big Data for your existing upsell/bounce analytics.

What we can do for you

To get started quickly and easily with Advanced Analytics, we have created a ready-made package at a fixed price: AI Kickstarter. Here you get help in identifying and prioritizing a business case that we place into a customized analysis environment. After the analysis, you get a report on the correlations that has been found, and you can continue to use the analysis environment for further iterations.

Do you want to display customized messages for each visitor on the web, in customer service or in e-commerce? Then our solution Red Pine is a good option. With Red Pine, you can use self-learning artificial intelligence to personalize communication without having to start a costly IT project.


AI Kickstarter

with our comprehensive AI Kickstarter package, we assist in identifying and prioritizing business cases within your organization where advanced analysis can contribute significant business value.

Red Pine

Personalized communication through the power of AI – for improved relevancy, higher conversion rates and increased sales.