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Systems for Business Intelligence today are powerful and intuitive tools, not least with Microsoft Power BI. But to harness the power of visualisation and the ability to clearly view details, accurate data is of course required as a foundation. If Power BI is your dashboard, Azure becomes your data-fuelled engine.

We develop based on the rule: Think big – start small! This allows us to ensure that your installation has all the necessary components and that it is scalable for future requirements.

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Random Forest BI Cloud

BI Cloud is a pilot package that enables your company to quickly get started with Business Intelligence in the cloud. You can evaluate the benefits that Business Intelligence in the cloud can bring to your business before making more substantial changes. With the BI Cloud pilot package, you can do a small project on a selected part of your business – at a fixed price and you’ll be up and running in a couple of weeks!

Then you can decide whether to go ahead, either on your own or with us.

Get started in two weeks

Start by selecting a few areas where you want to test Business Intelligence in the cloud. Once you've provided us with the information and permissions we need, it will take us two weeks to construct the pilot project. Then you're good to go.

If you want, we can help you develop a plan first, a Power BI Roadmap, to take the step up into the cloud with Business Intelligence.


We know business intelligence

At Random Forest, we have been building PaaS solutions in Microsoft Azure for several years. Among other achievements, we were the first in Sweden to create a complete Business Intelligence solution in the cloud. Based on this experience, we have been able to establish best practices for building solutions in Microsoft Azure.

Benefits of a data platform

The data platform acts as the engine of the BI system and brings a wealth of benefits and opportunities:

  • Collect, launder and integrate information centrally, rather than in each report.
  • Create a version and consensus on how the information should be interpreted (business rules etc.), e.g. so that not everyone has different definitions of the same key figures.
  • Security and distribution of data – with central security to distribute and provide access to the right decision support throughout the organisation.
  • Plugging directly into business systems creates a risk of reducing performance if you ask serious questions.
  • Be able to save and enable analysis of data over time – which is often difficult in operational systems.

Signs that you should invest in a data platform

  • Are you worried about your business emailing sensitive information around in various Excel reports?
  • Want to let users build reports themselves, but still have control over security and data quality?
  • Do you want more people to be able to work data-driven, both from the office and in the field?
  • Do you have a problem with everyone having their own versions of key figures?

Power BI and Azure from Microsoft

BI Cloud is based on Microsoft Azure PaaS. Moving from a traditional server structure to a cloud-based solution in Microsoft Azure means that you get an architecture that can be easily scaled up and expanded as needed.

With all your data in one place in a Data Warehouse in the cloud, you have full control over your data and can be sure to always have the latest version. Microsoft Azure also includes a host of services, such as Power BI with built-in visualisation. The system can also be expanded with, for example, data lake and advanced analytics.

Other BI-system?

If you are already using another system and need a data platform, Azure can be used as an engine for your existing system.

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With BI CLOUD you get

Start with a small project

Avoid common pitfalls

Make use of best practice

Fixed price

Get started in two weeks

Business Intelligence in the cloud with Academic Work

Listen to Academic Work about their bet in Business Intelligence with micro services in Microsoft Azure.


  1. There is a person in-house who drives the Business Intelligence project and who sees the business benefits of using data to support decision-making.
  2. There is a roadmap that sets out the two-year work plan for moving to the cloud. If you want, we can help you with a Power BI Roadmap at a fixed price.
  3. Watch out for scope creep. Don’t underestimate the complexity when expanding your system.
  4. Taking every individual best tool together does not add up to the best solution. Make sure they work together.
  5. Don’t mix old thinking with new technology. Best practices that have been in place on premises are not always directly transferable to the cloud. If you want, we can help you to develop a plan first, a Power BI Roadmap, to move up to the cloud with Business Intelligence.