Data Innovation Summit 2021 – Choosing your data architecture


We’ll be attending exhibiting at Data Innovation Summit 2021, this year a hybrid event taking place at Kistamässa on the 15-16th of October.

We’ll have two sessions on choosing your data architecture, a comparison between the leading platforms: Azure Synapse, Data Bricks and Snowflake all of them able to run on Azure.

First session is focused on the architecture of an enterprise data platform, creating a single source of truth with the ambition of make analytics and reporting easy for the end-users. An architecture that supports low maintenance cost over time and a high rate of repeatability.

The second session is focused on the architecture of a more business case focused data platform, with focus on explorative analytics and short development cycles, a high degree of freedom and innovation and bringing value out of every investment itself. An architecture that supports skilled analysts bringing the maximum out of your data in the fastest way possible.

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