What We Do

Data Warehouse

A good quality data warehouse is the basis for growing business intelligence. Random Forest can help you with extracting, transforming, integrating and analyzing your business information.

Business Intelligence

Traditionally business intelligence solutions have been about planning and tracking operational performance, which is important. But to maximize the value of an investment, we believe business intelligence should support everyday decisions throughout the business.

Advanced Analytics

If you have made an investment in a good quality data warehouse, you are most likely to have a gold mine in front of you. Predict customer behavior, find candidates for up and cross sell, detect patterns, and segment your customers and much more. Do this automatically on a regular basis and let analysis guide your business. And you probably don’t need to invest in any new tools. Contact us to start mining every day.


We work continuously with a creative process in order to benefit from the knowledge of our consultants, but also to keep them up to date with technical development. We believe by attracting the best consultants and keeping them engaged over time the value of our delivery will increase.