Advanced Analytics


If you have already made an investment in a good quality data platform, you probably have a gold mine in front of you. With advanced analytics, you can predict your customers’ behaviors, find candidates for upsells, segment your customers and much more.

At Random Forest, we are specialists in advanced analysis. We help companies exploit the possibilities of their own data, both in the cloud and on-premises, with all the tools that are now available.

What is avanced analytics?

Advanced analytics means using statistical methods, machine learning and advanced algorithms on data to find patterns that are difficult to discover yourself if the variables are many and the amount of data is large. For example, advanced analytics can be used to identify customer segments, personalize the web, make forecasts, bounce analysis, image recognition and much more.

A prerequisite for advanced analytics is that you have a lot of data and data of good quality. You also need a data platform that can handle and store different types of data.

What can advanced analytics do for you?

Advanced analytics can be used for a number of different areas. We help you develop a solution that is adapted to your needs and your business. Examples of applications are:


With advanced analytics, you can quickly get a good trend line on your most important KPIs.

Churn analysis

With machine learning, you can better understand your customers’ churn/loyalty and how to act on it.

Personalized Communication on the web

With AI technology, you can personalize the communication to your web visitors.

Image Recognition

With image analysis, you can do face recognition and other image analyses.

Text and speech analysis

With speech and text analytics, you can leverage your Big Data for your existing upsell/bounce analytics.

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