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About Us

Random Forest specializes in business intelligence, data management and advanced analytics. The company was founded in 2012 and has grown by approximately 30 percent per year with good profitability. Today, more than 70 consultants are working in the company. Right from the start, we have worked with artificial intelligence and advanced analytics and we were the first to build a complete solution in the cloud for Business Intelligence.

In 2017, we received the “Partner of the Year” award from Microsoft within Analytics and Big Data for our successful projects in the cloud. We have also been named a Gazelle company by Dagens Industri several years in a row, an award that goes to the fastest growing companies in Sweden. While we are at the forefront of new technology, we have also had the goal of creating a good workplace for all of us.

Our success is based on a strong culture, innovation and excellence. We are careful to reuse lessons learned and bring new knowledge into missions through a methodology we call The Random Forest Way.

We constantly work to manage innovative and ground-breaking ideas and have a special process for innovation. Our subsidiary Red Pine, which helps customers personalize their web, e-commerce or customer service using AI technology, is a result of our innovation process.

The focus of our work is not the technology itself, but to create better profitability and business benefit for our cistomers. This, combined with openness and transparency, we believe is the key to creating long-term relationships and partnerships with our customers.

The transparency can be seen, among other things, in our ready-made packages, where companies can for a fixed price start using, for example, Business Intelligence or advanced analytics in a selected part of the business.

Being a good workplace has been a goal since the company was founded. Employees who enjoy themselves create commitment, drive and innovative power. In addition, work becomes much more enjoyable.

You are welcome to contact us if you want to know more.

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