The Red Pine Manifesto

We want to see happy satisfied customers and we want to see more profitable sales. For this reason we have the Red Pine Manifesto with three principles that we urge businesses to follow.
1.Listen to your customers
2.Act upon it
3.Do it now

Listen to your customers

We don’t urge you to hire hundreds of Freudian psycho analysts even though that would be quite a sight. It could be a rather amusing customer service dialogue: “Yes I see. You say you have a question about your invoice, we’ll come to that, but first: Can you tell me a little about your relationship with your mother?”

What we do think you should do is that you need to use all that information that you gather about you customer. It is a question of listening and observing customer behavior in a systematic and automatic fashion. An opportunity is also to start using big data sources to further understand you customers better, however there is a lot of information in the traditional business support systems that probably could be used even more than you do today.

Act upon it

It is of course important to use the customer information to change your processes, your policies and your overall strategy. These changes can bring a lot of value. But we also think you should go even further. You should use the information to set the individual strategy for each customer. The data should be used automatically for choosing the right actions in your day-to-day operation.

Do it now

This third point has two different meaning. First of all you need to be able to mix the real-time data with the historical data. The historical behavior of a customer might suggest that you should try selling a specific product but when the customer calls in to customer service or make a visit to your web page in a specific errand the day-old suggestion might become totally obsolete in the light of the nature of the errand.

Also, if you aren’t doing this today you need to start doing it right away.

Is it difficult and hard? Yes. Because it is not only changing a policy or strategy, it need to be deployed in your operational business systems. The payoff can on the other hand be great.

How can Red Pine help you?

Red Pine is a Random Forest start-up company that delivers systems to support smart customer interaction with the help of artificial intelligence. We have a solution we call the Offer Optimizer that will help you achieve happier customers and more profitable sales from inbound sales channels. Contact me, if you are interested in knowing more or chek out for more info: